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When it comes to suppressing a 12 gauge shotgun, there are not a lot of options. Most people know of the Salvo12 but it has its compromises. JK Armament has come out with their SGX shotgun suppressor and it is a lot lighter than the Salvo12.

The SGX 12 gauge is 11.75″ long and will retail for $899. It weighs just 1lbs in its full configuration. It is made of aluminum since shotgun loads are low-pressure.

SGX full-length shotgun suppressor.

Like JK Armament’s other suppressors, the SGX is modular.

The SGX baffles are a sort of velocity stack bell.

Rather than steel rods to hold the wad tight as the shot goes down the suppressor, the baffle on each segment helps to keep the wad closed.

According to JK Armament, they were able to shoot a 7.5″ Genesis Arms Gen12 shotgun and the pattern stayed in the 9 ring 15 yards away. That is the width of an ISPC target. JK Armament has also found an increase in muzzle velocity by about 150-200 fps.

What is most interesting is that they plan to make an end cap that will be able to use chokes. Other shotgun suppressors only allow chokes before the suppressor. Which sort of defeats the purpose, according to JK Armament.

The SGX 12 gauge suppressor uses their Bald Eagle taper mount system. Right now they have one for the Genesis Gen12, Remington 870 and Versamax.

They will also have a Versa 12 SGX variant that is half as long at just 8 inches. It only weighs 9.3 oz and will retail for just $599. Of course, you could assemble the full-size shorter and make your own Versa SGX-style shotgun suppressor by removing a few baffles. Oh and the SGX is full auto rated. It was tested on the Gen12 shooting full auto.

For more information go to JK Armament’s website.

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