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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #65

Silencers and suppressors are exploding in popularity and today it seems that just about every manufacturer out there have new suppressors this year, in addition to a whole bunch of new companies joining the fray with their own offerings, each with various benefits, gimmicks, and features. Today’s guest on the TFB Behind The Gun Podcast is someone who is just happy to have people out there using these great shooting accessories. Today our host Pete brings back Dave Matheny of Silencer Shop to talk shop about all things suppressors! Dave and Pete discuss some of the latest trends in the industry, some recent news surrounding the state of the second amendment in the USA and how it relates to suppressors and the NFA, as well as some nice industry insight as to which direction the suppressor industry is going and who it is trying to cater to.

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TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #65 - Talking Shop with Dave Matheny of Silencer Shop [publish April 13th]

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #65 – Talking Shop with Dave Matheny of Silencer Shop

On today’s episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun podcast, we’ve brought back Dave Matheny of Silencer Shop – one of the podcast’s sponsors! We take time today to talk to Dave about the current state of the gun industry as it stands with the absolutely massive wave of anti-gun legislation being pushed through the country’s court system. Despite what many of you may think, we seem to be on a good trajectory, at least according to our friend Dave. In this podcast, Dave and our host Pete take time to talk about how Silencer Shop has been doing in the year we’ve missed them over 2021’s canceled SHOT Show. Pete and Dave also take time to discuss the many benefits of just about any type of suppressor and how the growing backcountry hunting industry is shaping the future of suppressor designs. Please welcome back Dave Matheny of Silencer Shop to the show!

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #65 - Talking Shop with Dave Matheny of Silencer Shop [publish April 13th]

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