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Ryker Sling 2.0 – Best Rifle Sling in 2023?

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Ryker USA was founded by retired MARSOC Master Sergeant, Ron Holmes. Unsatisfied with other slings during his deployments, Ron set out to design the best rifle sling he could. Today, we’re introducing the Ryker Sling, a sling designed by experts, backed with decades of field experience. With its sleek design, premium materials sourced from the USA, and unmatched functionality, the Ryker Sling is the best 2-point sling on the market.

Ryker Sling uses all steel components
Ryker Sling uses all steel components sourced from USA manufacturers.

Uncompromising Quality and Durability

Unlike other slings that rely on plastic or polymer, the Ryker Sling stands out with its uncompromising commitment to quality. Made from top-quality USA steel and materials, this professional-grade sling has exceptional durability. Enhanced with steel clips and quick detach mounts, it is built to withstand the toughest shooting scenarios.

Ryker Sling is meant to withstand the toughest situations.

Complete Package for Next-Level Shooting

The sling package includes mil-spec QD mounts, providing you with all the necessary components to enhance your shooting experience. The Ryker Sling comes in classic Black, Black-Multi-Cam, or Traditional Multi-Cam.

Ryker Sling is offered in 3 different colors.
Different color options from Ryker USA


For shooters seeking the pinnacle of rifle slings, look no further than the Ryker Sling. Its exceptional quality, innovative retention system, and versatile designs make it the ultimate choice for those who demand the best. Elevate your shooting to new heights with the Ryker Sling – the sling designed by professionals, for professionals.

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MSRP: $89.95

Visit Ryker USA for more info.

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