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Bollé Safety is continuing to add to its already extensive ANSI-rated eyewear collection with the announcement that two new lifestyle-oriented pairs will be coming soon- the new ALTUS and KNOX sunglasses. These new pairs of Z87.1-rated sunglasses are meant to be lightweight and comfortable, but still suitable for range use or other tasks and jobs that require protective eyewear.

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 Bollé Safety's Stylish New ALTUS and KNOX ANSI rated Eyewear


Bollé Safety’s Stylish New ALTUS and KNOX ANSI-rated Eyewear

CARLSBAD, CA. (September 13, 2023) – Bollé Safety Standard Issue (BSSI), the world-renowned mainstay in premium tactical safety eyewear protection, has launched its first lifestyle collection of sunglasses, called ALTUS and KNOX, which have been designed exclusively for police and tactical markets to use in their off-duty endeavors.

Designed to be the go-to choice for Off-Duty active military and police, the ALTUS and KNOX provide users with high-performance, quality, and stylish lifestyle sunglasses. Both these options are meant to complement an active lifestyle while protecting vision from the sun’s rays and impacts, all while delivering unbeatable durability and performance.

Lightweight, comfortable, and ANSI Z87.1 rated, Bollé Safety Standard Issue has also stepped up its eco-design commitments to offer eco-friendly frames made of bio-based polyamide. Crafted with eco-friendly frames between 26.6-28.6 percent of the product’s total weight in bio-based polyamide, which allows for a reduction in CO2 emissions from the product’s raw materials.

“We are excited to grow Bollé Safety Standard Issue’s catalog with an Off-Duty lifestyle collection of sunglasses that reflects the needs of those who protect and serve with our renowned protective lens technology even when off the clock, ” said Julieann Billings-Riordan, North American Trade Marketing Manager for Bollé Safety.

 Bollé Safety's Stylish New ALTUS and KNOX ANSI rated Eyewear


Both the ALTUS and new KNOX glasses will come standard with the choice of one of two lens options starting at $77. For a complete list of specifications and other information, you can visit to learn more.

 Bollé Safety's Stylish New ALTUS and KNOX ANSI rated Eyewear

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