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Heritage Manufacturing Tactical Rancher Carbine – MSRP $355.99

In this week’s edition of Wheelgun Wednesday, we are taking a look at something a bit more creative than the traditional revolvers we normally cover because Heritage Manufacturing is expanding out their line of Rancher Carbines (revolving carbine rifles). In recent years, Heritage had taken their eternally popular and affordable Rough Rider revolver and built it up into a revolving rimfire carbine. Much like the Taurus Circuit Judge (now discontinued) that used to be a spitting image of a Taurus Judge, the Heritage Rancher Carbine series is a mirror image of their Rough Rider revolvers. The newest iteration in this unique line of rifles moonlighting as revolvers is the Tactical Rancher Carbine. This brings the Old West into the 21st Century with some forward-thinking accouterments that modern shooters will enjoy.

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The Heritage Manufacturing Tactical Rancher Carbine was announced just yesterday and is already receiving a lot of attention for its unique curb appeal and extremely affordable price point. The Tactical Rancher Carbine has a full MSRP of only $355.99 making it perfect for economically-minded shooters.

Some of the more modern features that separate this offering from others in the Rancher Carbine series from Heritage are its threaded barrel for modern silencers, Picatinny rail on the top strap, sling studs for a sling, and its interchangeability between both .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum cylinders.

  • Cartridge: .22 Long Rifle
  • Cylinder Capacity: 6 Rounds
  • Sights: No Front Sight | Rear Sight Notch on Rear
  • Action Type: Single-Action Only (SAO)
  • Barrel Length: 16.12″ with 1 in 16″ Right-Hand, 8-Groove Twist Rate
  • Overall Length: 32″
  • Overall Height: 7″
  • Overall Width: 1.42″
  • Overall Weight: 65.92 Oz (Unloaded)
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Cylinder & Barrel Material: Alloy Steel
  • Barrel, Cylinder & Frame Finish: Black Oxide
Wheelgun Wednesday: Heritage Manufacturing - Tactical Rancher Carbine

Heritage Manufacturing Tactical Rancher Carbine – MSRP $355.99

Some people might look at this rifle and not be entirely sold on it even knowing the extremely cheap price point. I am not a Heritage Mfg junkie by any stretch of the imagination, but this Rancher Carbine is one heck of a value proposition. You have a hammer-forged barrel which often aids in accuracy and durability. The Picatinny rail is a nice add-on so you can easily mount red dots and riflescopes. Also, a clean-looking walnut stock kicks up the attractiveness of the aesthetic quite a bit.

  • 16″ Hammer Forged Barrel – Precision-crafted for peak accuracy and resilience, offering superior performance.
  • Top Picatinny Rail – Accommodates various optics and accessories, allowing users to tailor their experience to their precise needs and preferences.
  • Interchangeable Cylinders – Supports both 22 Magnum or 22 LR cylinders, meeting a range of preferences and use cases.
  • Walnut Stock – Provides a combination of aesthetic richness and ergonomic support, ensuring user comfort and steady handling.
  • Crisp Single Action Target Trigger – Delivers a sharp, accurate, and reliable shooting experience.
Wheelgun Wednesday: Heritage Manufacturing - Tactical Rancher Carbine

Heritage Manufacturing Tactical Rancher Carbine – MSRP $355.99

[Bainbridge, September 26th, 2023] – Heritage Manufacturing, the esteemed creators of distinctive and character-rich firearms that echo the charm of the Old West, is thrilled to introduce the new Tactical Rancher, available from tomorrow. This revolutionary firearm is a testament to Heritage Manufacturing’s commitment to infusing timeless Western elegance with modern-day advancements, making it a unique addition to any firearms collection.

So, we’re giving a revolving carbine rifle a lot of limelight on Wheelgun Wednesday when the Tactical Rancher Carbine is technically a rifle and not a revolver (technically speaking… kind of… sort of). So, who is the Heritage Manufacturing Tactical Rancher Carbine for?… Who is the expected end user?… I only see 2 types of firearms owners buying this rifle:

  1. Rough Rider Owners – Those who already own a Rough Rider revolver and want the commonality to trade cylinders and ammunition between the two platforms for fun.
  2. Fun Gun” Owners – Contrary to what you’ve read in the Comments section of the internet, it is OK to own a firearm simply because it is fun! Seriously, no foolin’. This gun looks like a hoot-to-shoot, and with its reasonable price, that might be all you need to own one.

So, the Heritage Manufacturing Tactical Rancher Carbine is the newest addition to Heritage’s line of Rancher Carbines. It’s a rifle, it’s a revolver, it’s a revolving carbine, it’s all of the above. I have never shot any of Heritage’s other Rancher Carbines, but I previously fired one of the discontinued Circuit Judges of old, and those were a blast to play with. Maybe we’ll have to get one of these into our in-house rimfire expert, Luke Cuenco, to see what he thinks of them? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below about the Tactical Rancher Carbine and any other products from Heritage Manufacturing! We always appreciate your feedback.

Wheelgun Wednesday: Heritage Manufacturing - Tactical Rancher Carbine

Heritage Manufacturing Tactical Rancher Carbine – MSRP $355.99

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