Smith & Wesson Announces the New Response 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine


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Smith & Wesson just dropped a new 9mm pistol caliber carbine (PCC), the Response. When I first caught the rumors on the Response on Reddit prior to the official release I thought it was going to be a 9mm AR platform rifle, but it isn’t exactly that.

While the Response has pretty standard AR-style controls, buttstock, charging handle, M-LOK rails and the like, it’s actually a blowback design that utilizes its own upper and lower receiver design (while still using an AR-style buffer and spring assembly to help keep recoil low).

The Response has an M&P-style grip and a Picatinny rail on top for optics mounting. It does not ship with iron sights, but most users are going to mount an optic. The Response has a 16-inch barrel with a 1/2×28 threaded muzzle and thread protector, so it’s ready for a suppressor or flash hider of your choice.

What sets it apart from most other PCC’s is that it’s set up for M&P magazines and comes with two 23-round mags. It also has an interchangeable mag well and will take other pistol magazines as well. The Response comes with a spare mag well setup for GLOCK mags, and S&W is working on other mag well options, too.

There are a lot of pistol caliber carbines on the market today, but they continue to be popular sellers. Being able to match your PCC up to share mags with your carry or duty gun of choice makes the Response an appealing option, especially if you’re using something other than a GLOCK.

  • 16.5″ 1:10” twist barrel
  • FLEXMAG™ magazine well adapters. (Interchangeable magazine well adapters that let you use a variety of magazines from Smith & Wesson and other manufacturers.)
  • 32 1/8″ collapsed length, 35 3/8″ extended length.
  • 1/2-28 threaded muzzle with thread protector.
  • Flat-face trigger with crisp break.
  • M-LOK® slots on handguard with Picatinny-style rail on top.
  • (2) FLEXMAG™ magazine well adapters (1-M&P Double stack – installed, 1-G17/G19).
  • Compatible with M&P® Pistol double stack magazines and G17/G19 magazines.
  • 2 x 23-round magazines.



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