SPP396: 15 Minute Cities, 50 in 5, & Wound Care with Lisa


Have you heard about the UN, Bill Gates, and The Rockefeller Foundation launching the ’50-in-5′ agenda to make digital IDs, vaccine passports, and CBDCs mandatory to participate in society by 2030? What about the concept of 15-minute cities where everything you need will be available by walking, bike, or public transportation? 

These are just two examples of how life will change soon. While these people like to use words like inclusivity, sustainability, and equality, they deliberately forget about surveillance, tracking, and control.  

Lisa and I will go over what this means in the very near future and how this all ties into The World Economic Forum agenda. This started as a “Tin Foil Hat Time” subject, but I’m unsure how far-fetched it is. These days, Conspiracy theories are just spoiler alerts, and these seem to be the same type of Conspiracy “Theory.” 

Lisa will also be going over wound care and any questions she gets towards the end of the show. She will also be back in a couple of weeks to go into more detail about SHTF medical issues. 

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